An easy-to-use weightlifting app for planning and tracking 5/3/1 programs.

Ultimate 531 is an easy to use, highly customizable app that takes care of planning and tracking 5/3/1 workouts allowing you to focus on the one thing that matters, getting stronger.

100+ 5/3/1 Templates

Over 100 preloaded templates from Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 books.

Know what to do everytime you step into the gym

Easily plan you next cycle with one button press

Automatically calculated weights for each set

Ultimate 5/3/1 takes the math out of the 5/3/1 program so you can focus on getting stronger and hitting new PRs.

Plate Calculator

Stop wasting time and energy figuring out which plates you need for each set.


Be confident you are making progress by seeing graphs of your one-rep maxes over time

Custom workouts built for your specific needs

Customize any 5/3/1 template to track and hit any specific goals you have.